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8'4"-5 weight - 2 piece - Octo rod

This is a powerful rod. The eight sided design provides a Medium-Fast action. This design also allows the builder to hollow more than its cousins, the hex or quad. The blank weight on this rod was 2.3 oz. With a all cork reel seat and aluminum hardware this rod would have come in right at 3 oz. However, the builder has an affinity for stabilized inserts! When casting this rod you will immediately notice its ability to provide very accurate casts. This rod also features personally designed micro ferrules. These are designed to be 1/8" longer than other micro's and without the swell design. This design will allow twice as much epoxy over its step-brother, the standard micro ferrule, to secure the micro ferrules. 


Carpenter Bros Fly Reel
Sold Out

Reintroducing the Carpenter Bros. reel.  A class click/pawl style.

  *Grey Anodized
  *4.2 oz
  *Can be set to either RHW or LHW
  *Suede leather case
  *100% made in the USA
  *4/5 weight lines (2 7/8" diameter)

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